Ensuring That You Have Clean Air In Your Home

When it comes to our home we seldom think of fresh air.  However, it has been discovered that the air in our homes has a higher level of contamination of dirt, dust and germs than the air outside.  For this reason it is important that we have commercial hvac maintenance in Ardmore OK done on our systems every year and do general cleaning and maintenance ourselves.

Open the windows

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The first thing that you can do is open your windows.  When we open our windows, we are letting fresh air into our homes.  We should do this first thing in the morning and then before we go to bed. In some situations, we might even want to sleep with our windows open to enjoy a cross breeze.

The reason we want to open our windows in the morning and evening is because this is when we have the lowest pollution count in the air as well as the heat is not as bad.  Try to do this on a daily if not regular basis.

Clean filters

Each air conditioning unit will have a filtering system.  This filter is designed to be a barrier between germs, dirt and dust.  We want to make sure that we check these filters on a monthly basis.  If you purchase reusable filters wash them off and allow them to dry before reinstalling them.  Another thing that you can do is install a new one and allow the old one to dry.

Keep your vents clear

You want to make sure that your vents on the floors and in the walls are clear.  You don’t want to block any of them with boxes, furniture or other items.  If you do you are impeding the air flow and this can cause your system to work harder.  It is up to you as to how much effort you put into your HVAC system, however the more you do, the longer it will last.